Teddy’s Easter Problem

Wow, me and Teddy just had one of the best weekends EVER! That's because this weekend was Easter weekend. Easter weekend would probably get a very commendable 9.2 out of 10 (because it's not as good as Otter birthdays or Christmas but clearly beats Pancake day) On Easter day everyone gets chocolate eggs that are ...Read more

It’s my Otter Birthday!

It's my Otter birthday (finally!) It doesn't seem quite real ... but it is .. it's my birthday at last. This is the second birthday I've had now and I think this one is even better than the first. I just can't believe it's finally arrived, the suspense had got to critical levels - me ...Read more

Top 5 household object No.1 – The… thing inside the box

No.1 The thing inside the box (11.3 out of 10) Deciding on your absolute favourite household object for the whole week is really hard. I was beginning to lean towards the idea that Otter Keeper was my favourite household object until yesterday, when an amazing birthday related thing happened. A BIG otter present appeared in ...Read more

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