otter and santa

Santa … where are you ?

So this week I’ve been discussing christmas with Otter Keeper.
Christmas sounds really great – quite like Otter birthdays actually. He told me all about this man called Santa who can apparently come down the chimney – I didn’t like the sound of this too much at first (maybe Kate could gain access using the same methods) but it turns out besides having a few odd habits like this… Santa also brings christmas presents for Otters !!!

Santa is AMAZING! As soon as Otter Keeper told me about how kind santa is I realised I would have to make sure I got to meet him when he arrives to deliver my presents. So me and Teddy have decided to camp out until he gets here. So far I’ve found it quite hard to stay awake but I’ve left Santa instructions in case he comes when I’m asleep. I’ve also told Teddy to keep watch but he’s quite unreliable sometimes so can’t really be trusted.

Otter Keeper says Santa won’t be here for a while yet. He could be right but you never can be too sure and I don’t want to take any risks and end up missing him. Otter Keeper could also be a bit jealous because I had the idea to stay up and wait for Santa rather than him.

I can’t wait to meet Santa. I have so many things I need to tell him and he sounds so nice. I might tell him all about Kate and see if there is anything he can do. I just hope he comes soon, I really want my Otter presents (plus my nose gets quite cold when I have to keep looking up the chimney).
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