otter birthday

Oh wow wow wow wow – It’s actually my birthday!!!

It turns out it’s my birthday AGAIN, I’ve already had one last year and now I’ve got another. I’m such a lucky otter. Otter Keeper explained birthdays to me last week. Apparently everyone has them even him? But he said my otter birthdays are extra special (I love Otter Keeper very much at the moment)

Otter Birthdays are AMAZING!. I woke up even earlier than usual this morning and jumped on Otter keeper until he got up – although this time he wasn’t even angry at all. I was quite surprised at this so tested him further by jumping on the bed and around the room – but then he did seem to get a little angry so I stopped. I had to wait whilst Keeper made us some breakfast so I explored the bedroom (I’ve explored the bedroom many times before but you never know when you might find something new – plus I like exploring)
anyway, eventually he came back and said it was time for my Otter presents. I was so excited I jumped on things again (and this time he did tell me off)

Keeper has bought me the best presents ever. Here are a few of the things I got

  • A new cassette for my tape player (but this one is blank so I can record my own radio show on it – I’ve been planning on doing this for a while)
  • A magazine all about the queen which he says he will read me a bit of each day (I love the queen)
  • A new red crayon – I had a very sad day last week because I lost my old one somewhere under the sofa
  • Binoculars (I Told otter keeper these were so I could look at cars from the window but it’s actually so I can keep an eye on Kate
  • A new ball (I had to explain to otter keeper that I still wanted to keep my old one – but he said it’s ok to have two of the same toy sometimes – I didn’t know that was true, it’s really a great thing isn’t it)
  • A little photo album with pictures of me and him – this is for when he’s at work and I get sad because I miss him. He said it’s a practical present – i’ve never had a “practical” present before but I really love them
  • Although it’s not a present exactly Otter keeper also fixed my camera. yay. This is good because it means I can get back to practicing to be a professional otter photographer next week!

And can you believe it, Otter Keeper says it’s also a weekend so I get to spend the whole day with him. This is just turning out to be one of the best days ever, and it’s only lunchtime! Otter Keeper says tonight I can choose a film for us to watch together. Yes….. I am one very Very happy otter right now.
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