Finally! The Otter shop is open…(sort of)


Well it’s taken me a long time but I’ve finally managed to get Otter Keeper to sell Otter prints! (and a few other things) . He said some people had been asking him recently so he wanted to offer eveyone the chance to get one for christmas if they wanted one.

Otter Keeper says he has a very special and expensive printer for just this purpose and all prints will be produced on high quality archival matt paper. I don’t know what on earth he is on about but I do like the printer because it’s really fun to sit on top of it and touch the pictures as they come out (I’m not really allowed to do this)

To visit my Otter shop just follow this link. The Otter Shop is very new so there’s not much in it yet, but Otter Keeper is adding to it on a daily basis (if you spot a print that isn’t up there yet just give him a poke). For now Otter keeper has put up a small-ish collection of my prints available in the following sizes

  • A5 = £7 + p&p (almost all are available in this size)
  • A4 = £10 + p&p (most available in this size)
  • A3 = £15 + p&p (only a few special prints are this size)

all prints are individually signed by me and Otter Keeper of course and also include a letter from me!

There are also some rather large fridge magnets available (9cm x 6cm).

You will probably need a fridge to use the fridge magnet – sadly me and Otter Keeper don’t sell these yet – but I’m working on him.


But the BEST part of all this is that Otter Keeper says I can write a little note to everyone that buys a print (and I can also help wrap them up and things – I love doing this) Otter Keeper says my job is very important.

So if you’d like to buy a print – now you can YAY! Anyone ordering from England should get prints before xmas if they order today or tomorrow. Sadly for people outside UK it may have to be an early new years present (this is all Otter Keeper’s fault for not being organised like me and getting the shop done sooner – he spends too much time buying me booster seats and silly things like that).