The Problem With Birds

Sometimes, Otter Keeper takes me to the park as a treat.Parks are really good if you’re an otter and your garden is not as big as you’d ideally like it to be (I’m an otter, and I’m not happy with our garden size). Going to the park is usually fun, but the other day it really wasn’t.

To start off with the park was brilliant, It was very hot and I enjoyed looking at things. The park is a wonderful place, if you haven’t been you really should go!  Otter Keeper and I found an old man eating his sandwiches on a bench. Otter keeper said I probably shouldn’t bother him but I don’t always listen to Otter Keeper. He was a very nice old man, I mostly told him all about Otter Keeper and Teddy and then we discussed magnets and toast (I did all the talking). It was quite great really.

Everyone was having the best time ever… UNTIL THE BIRDS ARRIVED! Otter Keeper said they wanted my sandwiches. I tried to explain to the birds that my lunch was for otters only and showed them my name on my little otter lunchbox. It is written very clearly and it’s really not hard to understand, but they didn’t listen. I was very upset. I told Otter Keeper I didn’t want to go back to the park for at least 4 days. Otter Keeper said that was probably a good thing because I had annoyed the old man?

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