Otter Keeper has a cold!

Otter Keeper is ill, He says he has a cold. I didn’t know what a cold was so I asked him. He said a cold isย where you feel a bit poorly, haveย a blocked up nose and lots of pressure in your head. I said I thought I had a cold too. Otter keeper said I was probably just thinking too hard because I was confused about colds. I shut my eyes and tried to stop thinking. The pressure in my head did go away, So I guess I don’t have a cold after all.

To help with his cold Otter Keeper made a little tent with a tea towel on top of a bowl. I think when you have a cold it must make you do really fun things like this. I decided I quite like it when Otter Keeper has a cold because I love going inside the tent with him!

After a while Otter Keeper said I couldn’t play in the tent any more because I was breaking it! I thought this was very unfair. So now I’m sitting under the sofa watching him play in the tent all by himself. He can be very selfish sometimes. In a minute I’ve decided I’m going to go back to the tent and sing to him, maybe then he will let me back in. I need to get back in there with him somehow…

Otter Signature