Otter Keeper Goes To Work

Sometimes I get sad. I’m generally a very happy otter most of the time, and I try to be happy as much as possible. But, unfortunately this just isn’t always possible for one main reason: Otter Keeper has a job.

Every morning when I wake up The first thing I do is ask Otter Keeper if it’s the weekend. Most of the time it’s not and he has to go and do his job. He says his job is important because it pays for the house where we live and also things like otter feed and coffee. I try to understand but it’s quite confusing. Why does he have to leave me behind?

I try to be as happy as possible while he’s gone but the problem is I really, REALLY miss him. To feel less sad I have some photos of him I can look at. He’s also made me a special clock. When the little hand gets to the bit he showed me (with the label) it means he will be home soon. If I hide under my blanket and don’t look at the clock it actually goes faster, so I try to do this lots. I’m getting quite good at it!

But the thing I MUST NOT DO is use the big phone to call him at work. There is a special button I can press if there is an emergency but he says missing him, feeling sad or telling him how much I love him isn’t an emergency? The button does get pressed quite a lot but it’s usually Giraffe. He misses Otter Keeper a lot too.

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