Otter Attic Mission!

Otter Attic Mission At dinner last night, Teddy and I got some interesting (and very exciting!) news. Otter Keeper told us all about a room in the house that we didn't even know existed: the attic! The attic is the room right at the top of the house, and when it was built nobody ...Read more

Top 5 household object No.4 – The Recycling Box

No.4 - The Recycling Box (8.7 out of 10) The green recycling box is really great and we've scored it an 8.7! Its high score is deserved because it's a good example of a household object that has one use for Otters and several (unexplained and less important) uses for Otter Keepers. For me the ...Read more

Otter Star Charts

How NOT to use an Otter Star Chart Sometimes things happen and you don't know why. A good example of this would be last week when according to Otter Keeper mine and Teddy's behaviour was "unacceptable". Now I didn't think we had been particualy bad last week. I suppose we did hold the first ever ...Read more

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