Otter Bath Time

Otter Bath Time Today I want to tell you about bath time. The reason for this is that baths are fantastic! Not all people have baths (some have showers), so I should quickly explain what a bath is. Me and Teddy find a good way to understand baths is to think of ...Read more

Best Christmas Plan Ever!

Unless you've been very busy recently or been watching something really good on TV, you'll probably know it's Christmas day tomorrow. This is obviously the best news ever and it means Santa is coming tonight. You probably also know that Teddy and I have been trying to meet Santa for several years now. For a ...Read more

New strategical Otter Outpost

New Strategical Otter Outpost Yesterday Otter Keeper was at work as usual, so Teddy and I decided to go exploring. Although we've been exploring many times before, it still doesn't get boring because we always seem to find new places and exciting things. I'm actually the best explorer, in ...Read more

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