Christmas Jumper Day

Christmas Jumper Day! Today in the UK it is National Christmas Jumper Day! Everyone gets to wear Christmas jumpers which helps raise money for 'Save The Children'. Teddy and I didn't want to miss out, so we made Otter Keeper buy us these. They are a bit big, but the ones we wanted only came ...Read more

Giraffe Gets Bad News

Giraffe Gets Bad News And some glowsticks Today has been difficult: I had to explain to Giraffe that he won't be coming on the Attic Mission with us, despite his help with making the Anti-Spider Protection Vehicle. Otter Keeper says we can't all go to the attic. I think Giraffe has taken the news ...Read more

The Garden Centre

The Garden Centre At the weekend me and Teddy got some great news: Otter Keeper was taking us on a special trip to The Garden Centre! If you own a garden then The Garden Centre is very important. The bigger your garden the more you should visit The Garden Centre, and the more of ...Read more

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