Staying up ALL NIGHT!

Staying UpĀ All Night This week we watched a programme about a man that set himself a challenge to do a really long walk in the Antartic. The man got very cold because there was LOTS of snow (this is probably because someone had left a very big freezer door open and let all the ...Read more

Otter and Teddy toast

Otter Toast Consultancy The other day me and Teddy decided to start a business. We did this for two reasons. Firstly Otter Keeper just doesn't give enough pocket money, which has been causing us a few problems recently. And secondly, well Teddy has actually forgotten what the second reason was ...Read more

The Toast Tutorial

How to cook the best toast EVER! This is a VERY important Otter story! After much skilful nagging from me and Teddy, Otter Keeper has finally helped us make the first otter video. This is very exciting. We really hope you like it. look at my Otter toast tutorial here Me and Teddy feel very ...Read more

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