Anti-Spider Protection Vehicle


Great news! After many hours of hard work I can finally say that everyone's spider problems are now solved. I'd like to introduce: The Anti-Spider Protection Vehicle (or A.S.P.V.for short). The A.S.P.V. has been specially designed to allow the otter inside to concentrate on important attic missions without having to worry about spiders. It features a clear ‘anti ...Read more

Anti-Climbing Suit


Do you get into trouble because you keep climbing on the furniture? Of course you do (we all do), but now all our problems are over. I present to you the Anti-Climbing Suit. This very clever design make climbing totally impossible, it even works against chairs!

Dinosaur Dental Suit


Find brushing your teeth boring? Getting distracted by the bath toys and not brushing properley? Use my Dinosaur Dental suit & get the job done! Everything is more fun if you’re dressed as a dinosaur!

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