My New Otter Book

November 17th, 2014

YAY! Otter keeper said we are finally allowed to show you the cover for our next book: Otter In Space. Otter Keeper asked me to point out that Teddy and I don’t actually travel to space in this book (you’ll see when you read it), but that doesn’t stop it from being the best book ever! Giraffe wanted me to mention that he is in it too, and we all know what that means…


Otter In Space book cover


If you liked my first book, I think you will love this one even more! There is no toast restaurant, but there are museums, spaceships, moon rocks, and even dinosaurs (sort of)!

Sadly, we still have to wait until May 2015 until the book comes out. However, you can pre-order it now! Otter Keeper says that pre-ordering a book can help the booksellers get excited about its release, so we would be really grateful to anyone that would like to do this for us!

You can pre-order it here on Amazon
Or here at Barnes&Noble

(Otter Keeper says he will add other pre-order links when they are available!)

Giraffe Gets Bad News (Attic Mission 4/5)

October 15th, 2014

Today has been difficult: I had to explain to Giraffe that he won’t be coming on the Attic Mission with us, despite his help with making the Anti-Spider Protection Vehicle. Otter Keeper says we can’t all go to the attic.

I think Giraffe has taken the news fairly well. I’ve given him 2 Glowsticks as compensation and promised to tell him all about the attic when we return. I’ve also said he can look after the torch until Saturday. (I think this has helped a bit, because Giraffe loves the torch.)

Telling-Giraffe The Bad News

This might all be for the best. Giraffe has had no spider training whatsoever, so he just isn’t prepared for attic exploration! Sometimes being the Mission Leader is hard, but I know I’ve made the right decision. (Also, Giraffe doesn’t know how to turn the torch on, so the battery will be safe.)



Anti-Spider Protection Vehicle (Attic Mission part 3/5)

September 30th, 2014

Great news! After many hours of hard work I can happily say that the spider problem has now been solved. I would like to introduce: The Anti-Spider Protection Vehicle or A.S.P.V.for short.

The A.S.P.V. has been specially designed to allow the otter inside to concentrate on important attic missions (and talk to Santa), without having to worry about spiders. It features a clear ‘anti spider’ message on the side and it’s very hard for them to get in. I have also added Glowsticks because, as everyone knows, spiders hate Glowsticks.

Anti-Spider Protection Vehicle

Unfortunately, the A.S.P.V. is only big enough to carry one otter, and there is no room for best friends. This means Teddy won’t fit. He was a little upset at first, but has promised to be brave, and he is happy that I will be safe from the spiders. I said I’d give him some extra spider training, so things should be fine.

Finally, I want to point out that that the A.S.P.V. is not just confined to attic missions. If you are really scared of spiders, the A.S.P.V. could make everyday life around the house much easier. You can even take a trip to the local shop, park or Post Office, safe inside your A.S.P.V. I know this works because I took mine to the post office. This was frustrating for Otter Keeper, but everyone else was very interested and talked to me lots. If you’d like to build your own A.S.P.V., just ask me, Teddy, or Giraffe for details.