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Otter stories

The best Otter stories on the internet ever!

This page is where you can find all of my online Otter stories! There are actually quite a few, so please take as long as you want to read them (don’t worry – I’m still a very slow reader too). I really hope you like my stories, and If you have a favourite please do let me know!

If you are looking for the stories in my books then you might want to visit my Otter books page

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Shopping Tragedy

Shopping Tragedy! Shopping is really really fun. Quite often we go shopping on the first day of the weekend, which I'm pretty sure is a Saturday. I have to wear ...Read more

The Problem With Birds

The Problem With Birds Sometimes, Otter Keeper takes me to the park as a treat.Parks are really good if you're an otter and your garden is not as big ...Read more

Otter Keeper Has A Cold!

Otter Keeper is ill, He says he has a cold. I didn't know what a cold was so I asked him. He said a cold is where you feel a bit poorly, have a blocked up nose and lots of pressure in your head. I said I thought I had a cold too. Otter keeper said I was probably just thinking too hard because I was confused about colds.

The Credit Card

The Credit Card The other night I had been watching Otter Keeper order things on the computer. I like to look over his shoulder when he's doing things ...Read more