The Credit Card

The other night I had been watching Otter Keeper order things on the computer. I like to look over his shoulder when he’s doing things on the computer because I Like the computer and I also really like the Otter Keeper.  He uses a thing called the credit card which is what you need if you want to buy things on the computer! (Otter Keeper told me this).

I asked him if I could buy things and he said no,  then I asked him if I could have an Otter credit card and he also said no (apparently they don’t make them for Otters).  I felt a bit sad but when he was finished buying things he played on the PlayStation 3 and I forgot all about it because I love the PlayStation 3!

But the next day Otter Keeper was at work. I was bored so I tried to make an Otter credit card with my crayons and paper. This didn’t work so I thought Otter Keeper really wouldn’t mind if I borrowed his. I wanted to buy lots of jewellery so I would be a pretty Otter! I thought Otter Keeper would probably be very pleased. I wasn’t really sure how to buy stuff so I ordered lots of things just to make sure I got what I wanted. I had to press on the keyboard lots and lots, I spent most of the afternoon doing this and my paws got very tired.

BUT, Otter Keeper wasn’t pleased. I got into lots of trouble when he got home. I tried to explain that my Otter credit card hadn’t worked and so I had to use his, but he didn’t understand. I spent the rest of the evening hiding from him under the sofa. I won’t be buying things on the computer any more, I don’t think otters are supposed to.

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