Teddy’s Easter Problem

Wow, me and Teddy just had one of the best weekends EVER! That's because this weekend was Easter weekend. Easter weekend would probably get a very commendable 9.2 out of 10 (because it's not as good as Otter birthdays or Christmas but clearly beats Pancake day) On Easter day everyone gets chocolate eggs that are ...Read more

New strategical Otter Outpost

New Strategical Otter Outpost Yesterday Otter Keeper was at work as usual, so Teddy and I decided to go exploring. Although we've been exploring many times before, it still doesn't get boring because we always seem to find new places and exciting things. I'm actually the best explorer, in ...Read more

Booster Seat Violation….

Booster Seat Violation! This time Otter Keeper has gone too far... Well I really don't even know where to begin this time. Now, as you know, I really love going in the car. Me and Otter Keeper go to lots of nice places. Inside cars you have amazing sofas that are just perfect ...Read more

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