Booster Seat Violation!

This time Otter Keeper has gone too far…

Well I really don’t even know where to begin this time. Now, as you know, I really love going in the car. Me and Otter Keeper go to lots of nice places. Inside cars you have amazing sofas that are just perfect for otter bouncing. There’s also lots of buttons to press and sometimes even music! Being in a car is really quite exciting for an otter, as you can see.

But the other day Otter Keeper sat me down. He told me he had something to explain to me.  I don’t really like it when tries to ‘explain things’ to me because I don’t always understand what he’s talking about. I didn’t really this time either but it was something to do with being well behaved in the car and a new seat he had bought. I told him I understood, because to be honest, seats are quite a boring thing to talk to Otter Keeper about. I also wanted to get on with the game of hide and seek I had promised to play with Teddy that evening. So I went off to the other room, thinking that was the end of it. It wasn’t.

Otter In Booster seat

The next day Otter Keeper said we were going in the car. It was then that he introduced me to  the new ‘booster seat’. Otter Keeper told me it was a special seat for otters that stop them causing a nuisance whilst in the car. Ummm…. What?

The booster seat is the worst thing ever !
I HATE the Booster seat!

Otter Keeper straps me into it and then I can’t move! I can’t even reach my ball or my books or any other other car toys for that matter! Why would he do this? it just makes no sense? I think maybe Kate (the neighbour) has something to do with it, I saw Otter Keeper talking to her in the garden the other day….

Otter keeper must change his ways or I’m going to get very cross. I think I might start a petition against the booster seat, or maybe even against Otter Keeper himself If he doesn’t behave. He actually said I’m very lucky to have my own special seat for the car. Honestly I just don’t know what is wrong with him.  Is he mad?