Staying up ALL NIGHT!

Staying UpĀ All Night This week we watched a programme about a man that set himself a challenge to do a really long walk in the Antartic. The man got very cold because there was LOTS of snow (this is probably because someone had left a very big freezer door open and let all the ...Read more

A New Friend

This week I made a new friend, his name is Monty... Monty is a moth. If you've never met a Moth before they are really great, they're a bit like butterflies but without the colour and not quite as good (which is a bit of a shame). I think Monty would look very pretty if ...Read more


Halloween is the best thing Ever! Halloween is just AMAZING! I didn't even know about it until last week when Otter Keeper explained it to me. On Halloween you get to dress up as something scary and then you can knock on people's doors to scare them and ask for sweets! I think anyone would ...Read more

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