Sticking To The Things You Love

Otter Glue

A few things have gone wrong recently, and it all started yesterday morning. It was a good day to begin with. Teddy and I had completed a successful sofa exploring expedition and we had even found an old piece of string and a very nice biro lid to present to Otter Keeper when he got home from work. We were pretty exhausted after that and had just settled down to watch some daytime TV – when I realised one of my favourite crayons was nowhere to be seen. I spent the rest of the day looking for it, and it was very annoying.

When Otter Keeper got home he found my crayon (he’s better at looking for things than I am), but I was still sad because it is never nice to lose your favourite crayon. Otter Keeper explained how you have to be careful and look after things that are important to you. Apparently, if you have something REALLY important (like a pound, or a favourite crayon) you should stick close to it at all times!

So the next day Otter Keeper was at work again and Teddy and I began discussing what he had told us. We were both very worried about losing more things that were important to us and it was then that we had a brilliant idea. We decided to take Otter Keeper’s advice and stick with the things that were important to us in life. Luckily last week we discovered where Otter Keeper keeps the special glue.

It was hard deciding which were my most important things. I stuck myself to my ball and my crayon – but then Teddy pointed out that he was very important, so I stuck him to me too. After a while of thinking I suddenly realised what the most important thing in the world that I didn’t ever want to loose was: OTTER KEEPER! As soon as he arrived home and got through the door I ran up and stuck myself to him. I didn’t even say hello first, the fear of loosing him was too great at this point.

Now Otter Keeper is very cross and I am very confused. I did exactly what he had taught me, but apparently he didn’t mean it like that. I don’t see what the problem is? Being stuck to Otter Keeper is great fun, and I always know where he is which is handy. Sadly it turns out sticking yourself to Otter Keepers is not allowed and he is trying to detach me, I’ve explained to him I might loose him if he does this, but he doesn’t seem too worried. To be honest, I’m not actually that worried either. I used so much glue that I don’t think I’ll be losing him for a while yet.

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