The Kate Trap

Today was a great day because I came up with the best Kate trap ever! In case you don’t know who Kate is, she’s our next door neighbour and the most important thing about Kate is that I do NOT like her. Ok, I’ve never actually met Kate. In fact Otter Keeper says she’s really nice and wants to meet me. Apparently she can’t understand why I always hide upstairs when she comes round for tea. Well, Otter Keeper may be taken in by her, but Teddy and I know best. Kate is bad news (we just don’t really know why).

You may or may not know this, but, when you have an awful neighbour like Kate, the best thing to do is come up with ways to trap them. Luckily I’m really good at making traps which comes in handy. Teddy and Giraffe would be useless without me.

Today I actually came up with one of my best traps yet. Otter Keeper was at work as usual and I was very busy practising bouncing on the sofa whilst listening to my little cassette player. But then all of a sudden, my brain told me I’d come up with the greatest idea for a Kate Trap EVER!!

I put off the sofa bouncing until later (I usually get in trouble for that when otter keeper gets home anyway) and hurried to my top secret otter laboratory, which is the little room under the stairs where the hoover lives.

As you can see from my plans, this is obviously a very clever design! True, I do need to borrow a lot of Otter Keeper’s things but I’m sure once I’ve got Kate trapped he will understand. Then he can probably have them back. Now all I need to do is refine a few details and then I can start building. By the way, this is a TOP SECRET trap, so don’t tell anyone. Especially Otter Keeper because he’ll probably be on Kate’s side.

Otter Signature