Father’s Day Gift ideas

How To Make The Best Father's Day Gift EVER! Important news, everyone, it's Father's Day this Sunday! In case you don't know what Father's Day is, it's a bit like an extra birthday for dads. If you're still finding that hard to get your head around (don't worry, It took Teddy a ...Read more

Top 5 household object No.1 – The… thing inside the box

No.1 The thing inside the box (11.3 out of 10) Deciding on your absolute favourite household object for the whole week is really hard. I was beginning to lean towards the idea that Otter Keeper was my favourite household object until yesterday, when an amazing birthday related thing happened. A BIG otter present appeared in ...Read more

Otter Star Charts

How NOT to use an Otter Star Chart Sometimes things happen and you don't know why. A good example of this would be last week when according to Otter Keeper mine and Teddy's behaviour was "unacceptable". Now I didn't think we had been particualy bad last week. I suppose we did hold the first ever ...Read more

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