Yay yay YAY..Christmas was so much fun. But firstly I have to pass on the slightly sad news that the Santa stakeout failed. Teddy and I both put in extra effort on Christmas eve to stay up. I was in fact a bit annoyed with Teddy because when I couldn’t stay up any more I made him promise to keep watch. He must have fallen asleep as when I woke up Santa had been. I questioned Teddy as to why he had failed to follow instruction but he just gave me his usual blank expression which he always does when he’s been bad. I’ve forgiven him now, it’s Christmas and Otter keeper says you shouldn’t be angry with anyone at Christmas (I’m making a concession for Kate – I’m always angry with her).

Christmas day was SO much fun, not only did I get lots of presents from Santa but also from Otter Keeper! this meant lots of Otter presents. Santa even bought Teddy a small present which was very thoughtful, I had to open this for Teddy as I think he was a bit overwhelmed (it’s hard to tell but I think he gets really excited at Christmas). You see, Not many people understand Teddy because he doesn’t say much. Only I really know what he thinks and sometimes I have to explain to Otter Keeper what Teddy is saying.

Anyway, the only bad thing Ive found about Christmas day is brussel sprouts. They are these nasty green things and they taste exceptionally horrible if you’re an otter. Otter Keeper thinks brussel sprouts are great (he’s so stupid). Teddy REALLY hated them and I passed this information on to Otter Keeper (Teddy was really quite rude about the brussel sprouts) and Otter Keeper got a bit cross. I told Teddy to keep a low profile for the rest of the day (he usually does anyway) and I had to eat my sprouts. yuk. I hope whoever invented brussel sprouts (probably Kate) is happy now.

I really hope everyone else had A wonderful Christmas like me. Otter Keeper said I should take this chance to say thankyou to eveyone who reads my stories (thats probably YOU! if your reading this). We have lots planned for next year so don’t go anywhere! I would put Teddy on guard to make sure you don’t … but he’d probably just fall asleep.