My Otter Camera

The best thing ever has happened: Otter Keeper bought me my very own camera! apparently it’s an award for good behaviour recently. I thought that was a little odd because I’m always well behaved. Oh well, who cares, I have a camera!

The new camera arrived in the post this morning and It’s already been so much fun! I’ve taken lots of photos and Otter Keeper says I’m really good at it! I’ve put my photos up here so you can see for yourself.

This is my first set of photos. I was a bit excited at first so these pictures are not that great – but otter keeper says I need to practice if I want to become a professional Otter photographer (which I definitely do!)

Otter Camera Pictures

Sadly , shortly after my first set of photos had been taken, Otter Keeper had to go to work. He said I should leave the camera alone until he got home. I tried this for a while but I couldn’t do it because I really, REALLY wanted to be a Professional by the time Otter keeper got home. The thing is, Otter Keeper says that professionals actually earn money from their photos! With my low rate of pocket money, I could really do with the extra income.

After taking some very good pictures of me I realised I could also use the camera for top secret Kate (the nasty next door neighbour) surveillance. I took a brilliant picture of her garden (it’s not actually that good because I had to rush – because Giraffe said he heard her coming). Anyway, I really love my camera, it’s good for so many things.

Otter Camera Photos

This is my last set of photos. I went to do some kitchen photography and then something a bit annoying happened: Jam got on the camera? I thought about what to do for a while and then had the brilliant idea of washing the camera in the bath. It made a few strange noises (bath time is exciting after all) and now the camera is sparkly clean. Otter keeper will probably be pleased I’m looking after it so well, because he said it was very expensive.

Note: (For some reason the photos I have taken since the bath have been coming out a little black and strange. I’ve worked out that this is because I’m not quite a professional yet. So I’m waiting till otter keeper comes home to ask him for tips – he always knows what to do).