Attic Mission Is GO!

Attic Mission Is Go This Saturday, at exactly 20 minutes after lunch... the Attic Mission finally happened!!! After waiting for such a long time, Teddy and I were very surprised when Otter Keeper made the announcement. All colouring-in for the afternoon was cancelled, and we had to prepare for a last minute departure. The ...Read more

Otter Attic Mission!

Otter Attic Mission At dinner last night, Teddy and I got some interesting (and very exciting!) news. Otter Keeper told us all about a room in the house that we didn't even know existed: the attic! The attic is the room right at the top of the house, and when it was built nobody ...Read more

Being A Secret Agent

Being A secret agent. This week I found something really great to do.. be a Secret Agent. Me and Otter Keeper watched a film all about very good Secret Agent called James this weekend. It was a great film and afterwards I decided it would probably be best for me to become a secret ...Read more

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