Jurassic World

Jurassic World Yesterday (Tuesday) was a very special day because Otter Keeper finally took us to see Jurassic World! The 'day' bit of Tuesday went quite slowly because we had to wait for Otter Keeper to get home from work. While we waited, Teddy, Giraffe, and I practised being at the cinema by sitting on ...Read more

Otter Bath Time

Otter Bath Time Today I want to tell you about bath time. The reason for this is that baths are fantastic! Not all people have baths (some have showers), so I should quickly explain what a bath is. Me and Teddy find a good way to understand baths is to think of ...Read more

Where I Came From…

Recently lots of people have been asking me where I came from. I've tried to answer, but Otter Keeper says they don't mean which room I just came from (usually the living room where I've just been colouring in). They actually mean where I came from in the first place (which is not even the ...Read more

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